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Meet Mama Junkie


Get to Know LeAnna Wilson
“Hello, my name is LeAnna and I’m addicted to the Farmers Market and I have an obsession with my Vitamix......SERIOUSLY! I dig veggies, fruits and I REALLY dig exotic fruits. Throw in some healing herbs and spices, some greens, and medicinal shrooms... now I’m in my happy place! Nourishing other people has always been my favorite past time. I love to convert “Junk Food Junkies” to “Alkaline Junkies” and some of my favorite customers are the men and women in the Service Industry. Who’s taking care of them while they are taking care of you? I have a fear of the doctor and our health system. However, I am attracted to the simplicity of Ayurveda and the power of yoga and crystals. 
I love Atlanta, it is home to me! If you catch me around Decatur, wandering around Dekalb Farmers Market or breezing into a yoga class. Say “hi”... I cannot wait to meet you! “

-LeAnna Wilson

LeAnna Wilson has spent an impressive 20 years in the restaurant and service industry. She was born in Connecticut and spent her late adolescent years in Las Vegas before planting permanent roots in Atlanta, Ga. While being submersed in East Coast, West Coast, and Southern cultures LeAnna noticed a common denominator; people are not kind to themselves or their bodies. As an avid yogi that also possesses a strong will to take care of others, LeAnna could not sit idle and do nothing. Harnessing her amazing skills in the kitchen, her nurturing instincts, and some amazing support from good friends- LeAnna started Alkaline Junkie as a solution for those she may come in contact with. Educating clients and friends on eating habits and lifestyles are just the beginning. Ayurvedic influenced and plant based recipes are at the heart of what she does. It’s not simply “eat your fruits and veggies”. There is so much more to eating healthy than this. Experience LeAnna, aka Alkaline Junkie, in action and see what eating healthy REALLY taste like.

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